About Hilary Rose

Hello! I'm Hilary, and I love to sew (and basically anything else that's hands-on and creative).

After some time not really sewing very much, I've gone and purchased a new sewing machine with a renewed energy to commit to improving my sewing skills. This blog will be a documentation of my projects, frustrations and successes as I sew clothing and accessories.

I learned to sew by hand as a child, mostly using my mother's scraps to sew clothes for my My Little Pony toys and to make plush animals. My pride and joy was a plush armadillo I made around age 11 out of beige terrycloth. As I got older, I delved into the world of machine sewing, and started making dresses, bags, curtains, pillow cases and one quilt. I came into possession of a serger and began working with knit fabrics, making sweaters and stretch pants.

I have a tendency to get overexcited about projects and jump right in without doing the proper preparations, which leads to lots of abandoned projects or outright failures. I'm hoping this online record will help keep me accountable for finishing projects and will encourage me to take things slow and do things properly.

Non-sewing related: I'm a Torontonian in my early thirties who's lived in Paris, France and London, England, and who is hoping to travel more and live in other interesting places. I'm fluent (although rusty) in French and conversational in Italian. I'm also vegan, so you won't see me using any animal-based fabric or notions here. I ride a beautiful step-through bicycle daily to get around the city--I absolutely love the feeling of wind in my hair as I pedal along. I like to sing and draw and paint and I find there just isn't enough time in life to do and learn all the things that spark my fancy.

Thanks for taking the time to read all that! Welcome to my adventures in sewing!