Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Sweet Summer Sky Blue Polka Dot Skirt!

I've been sewing quite a bit lately, so I'll have to update this blog a bit more frequently! In the past few weeks I've sewn (and screen printed) a tank top, two pairs of underwear (my first time making panties!) and this skirt.

I absolutely love this skirt! I modeled the pattern off a skirt I've owned and worn forever but which is slightly small for me. It's a 4-panel gored A-line skirt with an elastic waistband.

The fabric is a sturdy but light knit with little white dots on a blue background. The outside is textured, almost like sportswear mesh, but the inside is very, very soft.

I serged the seams and waistband, and topstiched the hem with a twin needle.

This is the best hem I have ever sewn, and I'm pretty proud! I serged the raw hem edge, using differential feed to slightly gather in the hem. Then I pressed the hem up half an inch and pinned all the way around. The differential feed (and the knit fabric) helped with any puckering issues involved with turning a circular hem inward. I used a seam guide to keep my stitches a consistent distance from the seam edge, and topstitched with a twin needle. The zig-zag back side of the twin needle stitch fell right on top of the serged edge, hiding the stitch.

A little gust of wind and the evening sun make for a sweet breezy candid shot!

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