Sunday, 14 February 2016

New Project: Abbey Coat

My renewed passion for sewing was brought on by stumbling across this pattern by Jamie Christina--the Abbey Coat. I just fell in love with the flounce and the peter pan collar, and then a dear friend of mine actually bought the pattern for me ❤.

 I've had the pattern for a while, and I've been searching for just the right fabric for quite some time. I really wanted to make it in a dusty rose coloured faux wool, but after visiting pretty much every fabric store in Toronto, I couldn't find anything remotely similar to that. In the end, I decided on some heavy cotton twill in a slightly purpley dusty rose. 

Once I'd settled on the shell fabric, I had to pick a lining. I knew I wanted something with a fun or pretty print, ideally a polyester satin with a nice sheen. Alas, the one fabric I found that matched what I was looking for did not have enough left on the bolt for me to use. Again, after having searched countless fabric stores, I came across this lovely paisley fabric. It wasn't shiny or slippery, but it had a lovely drape and when I brought it to the cash I was told it was Liberty of London tana lawn cotton. Fancy! 

I was in love with it, and it matched the exterior fabric so well that I splurged on the end of the bolt. I'll make the sleeve linings out of acetate or something so that I can have more of this lovely stuff left over for another project.

Here are the two fabrics side by side:

A pretty good match, no?

So far, I'm on muslin number two, and everything is fitting well except for the sleeve. I have fairly large upper arms for my size, although right at the armscye the circumference is normal. So, I need to accommodate extra circumference between the armscye and elbow, tapering to normal on each side, which looks very weird when done wrong! 4 sleeve drafts in, I'm getting closer--there's just a bit of bunching in the back. Hopefully fifth time will be the charm! I'll post another update once I get started sewing with the actual coat fabric.

Overall, I love the Abbey Coat!

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