Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Completed: Floral Spring Dress & Scoop-Neck Tee

So I need to get into the habit of updating this blog more often!

I bought a new sewing machine a couple months ago, and since then have been sewing regularly, but I keep forgetting to take photos and put them up here. I will try to be better!

One of my latest completed projects is this floral spring dress. 

I drafted the pattern myself, but I'd definitely change a few things now that it's completed. I will add more negative ease for this type of fabric (a floral print fairly thin jersey knit) because I really had to take it in a few times, and I had to put in a bust dart! and I don't love the gathers at the front (from the side they kind of poof out, and I prefer a smoother silhouette).

Overall, though, I'm happy with the result. I like the longish, loose sleeves and I love the print. What do you think?

I also used the leftover fabric from the dress to make a scoop-neck tee shirt, which I love. No darts needed this time, since I learned my lesson about negative ease when making the dress!


  1. Wow! Good stuff Hilary! Both pieces look wonderful. And love the matching shoes!

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty pleased with them and have been wearing both--a good sign that the projects were a success :)